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Corpse Craft

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Corpse Craft
Icon-singleplayer.png single player      Icon-multiplayer.png multiplayer
Build an army of reanimated corpses to destroy your foes in this puzzle-action hybrid.

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Other Info

Current version:
Development Team: Code by Capital-T-Tim & Artwork by Nemo

Game-Corpse Craft.png
2009 The Mochis Award Winner: Best Commercial Game

Corpse Craft is a game of strategic action. Single player mode contains 12 levels with a storyline. Multiplayer mode allows 2-4 players to play against each other as individuals or in teams or a mix of both.



Basic instructions from the game.


Infusions appear above your resource area. You can have up to 3 of each infusion type at a time. Use them by clicking on an infusion.

Pause the Game

To pause a single player game, use the button in the upper left corner of the game screen or the Esc key. Pausing also gives you the option of quitting the game.

Creature Creation Hotkeys

G = Street-Walker
F = Handy Man
D = Delivery Boy
S = Ladyfingers
A = Behemoth

Multiplayer Mode

You can start your own multiplayer game or join one that has been started by another player by clicking on the MULTIPLAYER button in the game lobby. From there you can either join a table waiting for more players or you can create your own multiplayer game table.

After you join a table, if there are not yet enough players, you will be free to walk around rooms while you wait for more players. The game table's waiting popup will stay on your screen until enough players join, the creator of the table starts the game with fewer players, or you click on the Leave button to leave the table.

The multiplayer game lobby.
A game waiting for 3 more players.

When the game starts, players can choose teams by clicking on the squares. If uneven teams are selected, the disadvantaged team will receive resource bonuses.

Choosing teams for a multiplayer game.

Additional Content

The rest of the Corpse Craft items can be found here.

Weardd Academy

This Item pack unlocks single-player and multiplayer "Initiation Challenge," allows for multiplayer character customization, and awards a whole bunch of avatars. Purchase it here

The Incident

This Item pack unlocks the second half of "The Incident at Weardd Academy". Purchase it here